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Another thing Moggi was guilty of was pampering players' agents so that Juventus' transfer policy could be positively influenced. Then adjust the reference to this referral page, so that future visitors immediately end up on the right page. Of course, only a fraction of these calls were 'contaminated', but it just goes to show how obsessed he was with keeping his networks intact. Naples prosecutors found a series of new phone calls between Moggi, Bergamo, Pairetto and a number of referees. The fields comprise the edge of the Beverse sports zone at the intersection between Klapperstraat, Lindenlaan and Meerminnendam, between which the actual complex can also be found. The main car park is located in Lindenlaan and is divided into zones for the home team and for the visiting club. However, it would take until April 2008 before the plans could actually become reality. On October 27, 2008, the first stone was laid for a new, modern main stand, which also offers commercial space to private partners: under the actual stands, almost the entire ground floor can be used as retail space.

The current capacity of the stands is officially 8,190, ranging from covered standing places to business seats and sky boxes. Mainly Swiss but also Slovenian SIM cards were used in the hope that they could not be tapped, but this turned out to be in vain. This ended Chelsea's hopes of a second consecutive title: United needed a point on the next matchday to secure the title. It had to wait until the following season before the club could win Europe's most coveted title again: 76,000 spectators in the Athens Olympiastadion saw Milan beat FC Barcelona 4-0. In June 2008, arsenal camiseta the Beverse supporters finally saw "their main stand" emptied for the last time and the demolition of it was started. Dries Mertens played 397 games for Napoli in nine seasons. In three seasons he played 52 games for the club from Rio de Janeiro, with which he was promoted to the Série A in 2009. Galliani, who also appeared in the telephone conversations, was eventually sentenced to a 5-month ban.

Before long, football-mad Italy was under the spell of the biggest scandal Italian football has seen. When the scandal broke out six months later – in which Bergamo was also very closely involved – he had already offered his resignation and could therefore not be prosecuted. In 2006, the FIGC banned Moggi from football for five years for his grotesque role in the scandal. Italy qualified for the European Championship and national coach Donadoni included Barzagli in the Italian squad for the tournament in May 2008. Claudio Lotito (Rome, May 9, 1957) is an Italian entrepreneur and owner of the Lazio Roma football club. Frederik Thielemans took the bold decision to offer housing to the newly founded football club SK Beveren-Waes. The Freethiel Stadium, also known as the Freethiel for short, is the football stadium where the Belgian football club SK Beveren (formerly known as Waasland-Beveren) plays its home games. The stadium was originally played by KSK Beveren, when that club temporarily stopped their men's team in 2010, Waasland-Beveren took its place. The owner of the Freethiel Stadium is the municipality of Beveren, which leaves its use and maintenance to Waasland-Beveren, which replaced KSK Beveren in 2010.

In 2005, a new construction dossier was therefore submitted to the municipality of Beveren, which at that time already owned the stadium. In April 2005, telephone conversations between him and Gennaro Mazzei – the one who appointed the linesmen – and linesman Gabriele Contini, among others, were revealed. Telephone tapping was their main method of finding out what was going on. You make a career with them and their victories.' According to Bonfrisco, that is the message, every time, when the referees meet every other week at the sports center in Coverciano. Each club played twice against the opponents who were not previously in their own group. That's an average of one phone call every two and a half minutes in a 16-hour day. Apart from several police friends – to whom he gave free tickets in exchange for favorable services – he was in contact with at least two members of Berlusconi's cabinet: Interior Minister Giuseppe Pisanu and Economy Minister Domenico Siniscalco.

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