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The team qualified for the 2000 European Under-16 Football Championship, where it lost in the semi-finals, but eventually won the losers final against Greece. Tournament (men): Football World Cup · Later in 1822, Ecuador became part of Greater Colombia and the then Colombian tricolor was introduced. 1845-1860 The Convention of Cuenca, by decree of November 6, 1845, ratified a change to a deeper blue, and the increase in the number of stars to seven "as symbols of the seven provinces that make up the Republic". Moretti won the 2004 European Under-21 Championship with the Italian national team and the bronze medal at the Athens Olympics. After securing their spot in the Primera División, Deportivo would go on to play a total of twenty consecutive seasons at the top level (a record in club history). In 2017, the club started with five draws. On December 20, 2017 it was announced that entrepreneur and billionaire Marc Coucke will take over RSC Anderlecht. On November 6, 1845, the number of stars was increased to seven (as a reference to the then seven provinces) and the blue became somewhat darker. 1845 During the Marcist Revolution of 1845, the light blue and white colors return, but as a vertical tricolor of white, blue, white, with three white stars in the central stripe.

This flag consisted of three equal vertical bands in the color combination white-blue-white, camiseta chelsea with three white stars in the blue band. It is remarkable that town halls do not use the state version, but a yellow-blue-red flag in which the blue band is a circle of white stars. This consisted of five horizontal bands in the color combination blue-white-blue-white-blue with three white stars in the middle blue band. 1820-1822 A flag with five horizontal stripes and three stars in the middle stripe. Here he played only five games in a year. Despite the age limit of 19 years, players aged 20 were also allowed to play because the age limit only applied at the start of qualifying for the European Championship. Confidence was only increased when Deportivo achieved a 0-0 draw at champion FC Barcelona, ​​although the home team played with many reserves. He aroused the interest of AC Milan and on September 21, 1958 he made his debut in Serie A for this club. During his first season in Italy, he immediately became champion and scored 28 goals. The flag of Haelen was established by council decision on September 16, 1991 as the municipal flag of the former Limburg municipality of Haelen. Haelen (The Netherlands). Flags of the World. Harenkarspel (The Netherlands). Flags of the World.

Harenkarspel Heerhugowaard Their revolt was crushed in 1812. The rebellion was defeated in 1812. This shows that the people depicted in their painting retain their personality and memories. The Capitol was their first target and went up in flames along with the Library of Congress. The team was very close to a victory through a converted penalty just before time. 1822-1830 Ecuador was incorporated into Greater Colombia, during which time the Colombian horizontal tricolor became permanent. Ten minutes before the end, a goal from Soldado turned out to be the final blow: 0-2. What Deportivo could have saved at that time was a victory for Levante at home against Zaragoza, but the home team did not get further than 1-2. See the Flags of Ecuador category of Wikimedia Commons for media files on this topic. See 1970 Inter-Cities Fairs Cup Final for the main article on this subject. The three horns stood for the county of Horne; its placement in a circle symbolized the Haelen-Buggenum-Nunhem trinity. The ritual is not the same for every magical society or coven, there are variants that always include the protective function of the sacred circle. That rented him to Parma in January 2012 for six months.

In January 2016 he moved to Hellas Verona on a temporary basis. The flag consists of four equal areas, with the upper left and lower right areas red and the other areas blue. People began to see blue and white as the colors of Ecuador. The fish and post horn were taken from the municipal coat of arms, as were the colours. The colors of this flag were based on the then municipal coat of arms. The design of the flag is from the LGOG. Today this design is the flag of Guayas and Guayaquil. In 1820, a new flag appeared in Guayaquil. The flag was first hoisted on October 9 and was in use by the insurgents of the Junta revolucionaria de Guayaquil. Klinsmann was there in the second leg. With Numancia-Deportivo on the very last day, the match between Racing de Ferrol and Numancia on the fifth day was very important. On June 22, 1982, the then municipality of Haelen adopted an earlier flag. In 2007, Haelen was absorbed into the merged municipality of Leudal. In the flags of Colombia and Ecuador, the yellow band is double the size of the other two; in the flag of Venezuela, heights of the three bands are equal.